Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Move!!!

So for this summer, I moved in with Becky and her fiance.
They had an extra room and there are better job opportunities
here so I thought it might be fun! And boy was I right!

This is Boo and her new friend, Bernie! Bernie belongs
to Becky and Ben's friends who live 5 minutes away.
It's so fun to watch them play!

The second night I was there, we went out for wings and ice cream!

Bernie is only a few weeks old, so he's still cuddle-able!
Becky and Ben were roasting marshmallows with their friends
and they brought their baby and I couldn't resist!

After doing some shopping, Becky and I stopped for lunch.
At the place we went, they have this awesome salad!
The chicken was coated in Captain Crunch cereal!
It was so yummy.

My family away from home.

I'm so glad I have sisters.
I don't know what I would do without them.

Jessica's Bachelorette Party

Here are a few photos from Jes's bachelorette party!
Do enjoy! My mum and sisters and I put this
together to resemble a 1950s sleepover!

Friends giving Jes advice abou marriage,
kids, love, and life in general!

Jes being cute!

My mum.

Becky found this super cute underwear poem
where you find the panties that go along with
the poem for the bride. It was super cute!

A 1950s nighty!

I will post wedding photos once they are online!
Best luck to Jes and Trevor!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rach's Graduation

This post is for my cousin Rach.  She is so amazing and one
of the best cousins I could ever ask for.  She's always there for me,
she doesn't judge me, and we tell each other everything.
I love her.
Congrats hunny!

Love you girl!
ttfn <3


Well hello! Here are a few photo's of Jes's ferrets. 
Two girls who simply love to have fun!
These creatures are rodents (but so are hedgehogs)
and probably one of the most bendable creatures
on this green earth. But look at their cute little

She loved stealing my shoes!

Just a little face to brighten your day!

Saying Good-Bye

Becky has let me move in with here, so I thought I'd take a few photos of home
to help me not be so homesick!


River Falls

Here is the UW-River Falls song!
Last weekend, I attended the UWRF Registration for freshman students.
While there, I met a few students that are majoring in art (like me!).
The morning started with everyone in the conference room and then
we separated and talked about the new life we would be having.
I was so nervous I couldn't eat, so I'm not sure how the food actuallly was
but I'm hoping it was really good! They have such a huge selection!
I am so excited to have my classes and meet new people.
I have 3 art classes, an english class, and a social science class.
My days are pretty full but it will be worth it.
Wish me luck!

Hudson Car Show

These are a few photos from the vintage car show we saw while
we were staying in River Falls! Enjoy!