Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Tattoo!!!

This tattoo was inspired by a heart my sister Mel drew.  So the heart on my ankle was the start of my tattoo and then I decided I wanted an anklet.  My three sisters and my mum each have the heart tattooed on them somewhere (ankle or back).  So, I promised my mum I would wait till after graduation to get my tattoo. And I got it today and I love it!!!

Graduation Friends

Here are the students that went to St. Peter the Fisherman Catholic School
that went to Roncalli!
 Kev and me!
 Me, Haasch, and Mel!
 Katie G and me cause we are awesome!
 Yes, I took off my cap ;)
But here are Jenna and Danie after the graduation
 Nella at my grad party with me
she is my BFF and we've stuck through some pretty tough times!
 Dad and me being silly-we were superheros

Roncalli Graduation 2012

Well hello!
Here is a photo of my graduating class! There are about 80 of us
and I will miss a good portion of them!
I'm on the end in the second row (looks like the first row)
 My dad, Gma Green, me and mum!
 Dad, me and mum!
"You wish you were One Two!!!"
 My sisters and me!!!!
 Mel the teacher and me with my diploma!!!!
 Famliy Time!
Mel, Becky, me, Jes, Dad, and Mum!
 I love my family ;)
 I'm glad I get to see my Grandma so much;
She means so much to me.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fourth Year in the Olympian Art Conference Show

This is my art piece, Living Nightmare.  I made it from a nightmare/fear.
I am deathly afraid of mannequins so I thought this would a good project
to help overcome my fear! The face, arm, leg, and hand are all molds
of me.  Mr. Woodcock, my art teacher, helped me come up with the idea
of the broken frame around the canvas.

 Because the molds were so heavy, we had to attatch a wooden board
to the back of the canvas to make it a little more sturdy.  The body parts
are attatched to the wood board and then pushed through the canvas.  Yes,
I had to cut holes in a canvas. It was rather strange to do!

All in all, I really like this piece! I am the first student from Roncalli
to be in the Olympian Art Conference Show four years in a row
and Mr. Woodcock believes it is a record that will stand! He is an amazing
teacher and I will truly miss him next year. 
When I brought this painting home, my dad decided that he will hang it above the
stairway. I hope it doesn't frighten anyone on their way downstaires in the
middle of the night!

A Tree to Look At

If if was a small animal, I would love to live in this tree!
It is beautiful ;)


Cupcakes and Sprinkles

So for my Preschoolers, I made white cupcakes and added
at least 3/4 a cup of sprinkles to the batter to make them
more springy!

 While getting me cupcake liners, my mum decided to support our
local grocery store! She got me 6 cases of cupcake liners,
7 different sprinkles, frosting, and cupcake batter!
I had fun with 6 of the sprinkle colours and decided to make
a rainbow mix! When I had finished frosting the cupcakes,
the rainbow mix looked wonderful on them!


The Rainbow Connection

Last week Tuesday, my family went to my 11 year old cousin's concert.  Most of
the choir's songs involved rain/rainbows, and for The Rainbow Connection, Cayleigh had the
first solo! She was so adorable! ;)


A Little Piece of the Garden

This past weekend, we watched Boo for Becky and Ben.
 They sure had fun!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Hello Mr. Toad

Little guy my mum found for me while working in the yard
thought he could use a home to come to ;)