Wednesday, November 28, 2012

College Art Class

Here are some of the drawings that I have done while taking Drawing 100.  We started out with India Ink for the first day, and then went into Graphite.  Then Charcoal, which by the way is my favorite! And now we are on India Ink and I love it! I feel like I'm out of Harry Potter drawing with a pen and nib.  It is so much fun, but you have to be slow.  This is not a rushed work of art!

This last piece was done today.  I really liked how I was able to make it appear a little 3D when adding the waterbrush over it.
More to come!


Hello everyone!!! I'm sorry I've been gone for sooooo long-summer was hectic with two of my sister's weddings ( :D ) and woek and then moving to school!!! I am here in River Falls and I love it here! I was so scared at first because I didn't know anyone here and I did have a self-confidence lapse.  I was being myself and I was afraid that no one would want to talk to me. However, I have made so many wonderful friends here that I can't believe I was afraid before! My classes here are also wonderful.  I have a Drawing 100 class as well as Introduction to Art, Graphic Design, Sociology, and English.  My favorite above all is Drawing.  My professor is super sweet and she likes me! Bernie adores my artwork and helps me improve on what I am working on and it really helps me.  So far we have done graphite and charcoal (which is my favorite!) and now we are working on India Ink.  I am so in love with this class but I can't believe this semester is almost over.  Here are a few photos from this year and of all the wonderful friends I've made.
Owen and me wearing my glasses

Becca and me at Homecoming

Rachael, Jackie, Amie and me after Intro to Art

Emily before she left college :(

Britta and me at Halloween!
She was a pirate while I was Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas
(ps-I made my costume, wig and all)

Party in the bathroom!
Miranda, Britta, Michela, and me

Our wearable art
Jackie, Rachael and me

My best-art-class friend! Courtney :)

Maria and me at Target

My twin! Vanessa and me :)
we both have the same glasses

Well I hope you enjoyed! These people are all so important to me; they have already helped me through rough times and happy days.  I hope to never lose a single one of them, they mean so much to me.  Thank you college!